Hypocritical Hoosier of the Day: Indiana state Rep. Phillip Hinkle, a married, anti-gay member of the local GOP, reportedly solicited the “friendship” services of a young man he found through an M4M “Casual Encounters” ad on craigslist.

20-year-old Kameryn Gibson, who listed his age as 18, wrote in his ad “I need a sugga daddy,” to which the 64-year-old Hinkle reportedly responded “Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?” Hinke then offered Gibson $80 plus tip “for a really good time.”

The Indianapolis Star, which was forwarded the email exchange between the Republican and his Craigslist companion by Gibson’s sister Megan, reached out to Hinke for a comment. “I am aware of a shakedown taking place,” the Rep., who did not deny authorship of the emails, told the paper.

“I wasn’t shaking him down, at all,” Kameryn Gibson retorted. According to his account, the two went to a hotel where Hinkle showed him his ID. When Gibson realized who Hinkle was, he told him he didn’t want to continue, but Hinkle told him he couldn’t leave “until we do what we need to do.” Gibson says he called his sister who threatened Hinkle with exposure, but Hinkle remained aggressive, removing his clothes and grabbing Gibson’s arm and rear.

Megan arrived to pick up her brother, and threatened Hinkle again. He offered her his iPad, a BlackBerry, and $100 in cash to keep quiet. Later on, Megan says she received a call from a woman claiming to be Hinkle’s wife. She told her “your husband is gay,” which the woman insisted was mistake until Megan provided his email address as proof. There was silence “for a couple seconds,” Megan told the Indy Star, “and the first thing she said was, ‘Please don’t call the police’.”

Megan says she was later offered $10,000 “not to say anything,” and even received a call from Hinkle himself. She told him she had outed him to his wife and family, to which he responded: “You just ruined me.”

Hinkle, who sponsored a measure to add “In God We Trust” to Indiana’s license plates, voted this past spring in favor of a constitutional ban on gay marriage

[indystar / courierpress.]



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