Barack Obama for President

I will be glad to cast my vote for President Obama tomorrow. I would just for his support of my rights as a gay American. But even putting that aside, Democrats are far and away the better choice.

Worried about the economy? Let’s look at it.

Despite the Republican’s stated desire to see Obama fail, under President Obama, the stock market has had the second largest average annual gain experienced under any president, so far increasing its value by almost two-thirds.

Economic data show more growth under Democrats: Over the past six decades, Republican administrations have produced median economic growth of 2.6 percent. Democratic administrations, meanwhile, have produced a median growth rate of 4.2 percent.

Worried about “big government”?

Republican administrations historically outspend Democratic administrations.

The budget deficit has been getting smaller every year of the Obama administration, even though that’s an incredibly hard thing to do when your revenues are in the toilet because of the recession.

So, yeah, Barack Obama for President!


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I play piano and sing in the French Quarter. Life is good.

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