You can’t let y…

You can’t let yourself think that paying dues leads to anything except the lessons and experiences that you take away. You can’t start believing that another person’s success is your failure.

Falling into cynicism with things outside of your control can poison everything you do and derail you from honing your craft, which is always THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

No one owes you anything for your hard work. The only benefit of your hard work is how good it has made you.

Every comic I know who has achieved a good bit of success and is widely respected has the same thing in common: they are only obsessed with the quality of their output. There’s just no substitute for always being better than what anyone would expect.

Andy Sanford, excerpts from “What Jealousy And Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career”


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I play piano and sing in the French Quarter. Life is good.

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