Archive | September 27, 2015

Catalina Breeze

(As performed by The Blue Jean Committee)

tv says you got them high-class blues
seems the caravan to Aruba
is not the road that you would choose

a barstool intellectual
with a master’s degree in small talk
and going to the movies

catalina breeze

the daytime party flowed with champagne-filled coconuts
it seemed the grand marshall liked your point of view

your philosophies are taken
from a high-class magazine
and going to the movies

catalina breeze

Hear it here:

“Catalina Breeze”
Written by: Fred Armisen / Jon Spurney / Erik Kenward

Fred Armisen – Druns, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jon Spurney – Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Keyboard
Petra Haden, John Spiker, Michael Barkley Green – Background Vocals
Davey Chedwiggen – Percussion

Basic Tracks recorded at Serious Business, NYC
Engineered by Travis Harrison

Recorded At Vox Studios, Los Angeles
Michael Harris – Recording and Mixing Engineer

I just love this song so much.