Catalina Breeze

(As performed by The Blue Jean Committee)

tv says you got them high-class blues
seems the caravan to Aruba
is not the road that you would choose

a barstool intellectual
with a master’s degree in small talk
and going to the movies

catalina breeze

the daytime party flowed with champagne-filled coconuts
it seemed the grand marshall liked your point of view

your philosophies are taken
from a high-class magazine
and going to the movies

catalina breeze

Hear it here:

“Catalina Breeze”
Written by: Fred Armisen / Jon Spurney / Erik Kenward

Fred Armisen – Druns, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jon Spurney – Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Keyboard
Petra Haden, John Spiker, Michael Barkley Green – Background Vocals
Davey Chedwiggen – Percussion

Basic Tracks recorded at Serious Business, NYC
Engineered by Travis Harrison

Recorded At Vox Studios, Los Angeles
Michael Harris – Recording and Mixing Engineer

I just love this song so much.



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Movies I saw in 2013

Comedy, Drama, Musical, Action, Science Fiction, Comic Book, Foreign, and Documentary flicks I saw this year, arranged in reverse chronological order by release date.


I watched all the James Bond films this year

Best Connery: Goldfinger
Best Moore: The Spy Who Loved Me
Best Dalton: The Living Daylights
Best Brosnan: Goldeneye
Best Craig: Casino Royale

How the GOP Slowly Went Insane – Jon Lovett – The Atlantic

“This moment in American political life is insane. That a group of narrow-minded zealots could push us to the brink of economic ruin, that they maintain a base of support in their frenzied, quixotic, incompetent gambit, that there is an apparatus that exists to defend this kind of nonsense—it came on us slowly but it is no less an emergency. This is broken. This cannot go on.

“And if you can’t see that then it’s not just the world that’s gone mad. You’re crazy too.”

How the GOP Slowly Went Insane – Jon Lovett – The Atlantic.

Vacation 2013 – Cruise

For our vacation this year, we took a cruise that departed from New York City and traveled to
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • St John, New Brunswick
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Newport, Rhode Island.
Leaving New York, we passed by the Statue Of Liberty.
On the balcony of our room.
Beautiful sunset.
Our friends Glen and Darrell booked this vacation first and urged us to come along too.  Here we are in Halifax at a place called “Peggy’s Cove.”
Ate my first-ever lobster!


Island in Bar Harbor.  It was a beautiful day but our shore excursion to Cadillac Mountain got cancelled due to the US Government Shutdown.
In Boston, we walked the Freedom Trail and saw plenty of historic sites.  Here is “the cradle of liberty,” Faneuil Hall. 

Boston has pianos sitting in public places, and of course I couldn’t resist playing!
We toured “Rosecliff,” one of the many mansions in Newport.
Ed, Darrell, and Glen going to supper on our last night.

wait but why: Putting Time In Perspective

A fantastic series of graphs that aim to help us wrap our heads around the enormous timescales on which history operates. By carefully building up graphs that show the relationship between longer and longer timescales, the series provides a moment’s worth of emotional understanding of the otherwise incomprehensible.

wait but why: Putting Time In Perspective.

Saenger Theater New Orleans 9/10/13 – Imgur

Beautiful renovation/restoration of the Saenger.

See more at Saenger Theater New Orleans 9/10/13 – Imgur.